Our mission is to make a difference in the lives of UF student-athletes by educating them on how they can create a positive impact, engaging them in their community, and connecting them with local charities and businesses.

Your Impact

Positive change in Gainesville can start with you. You're the spark that can light a fire by connecting athletes and businesses within the Gainesville community. Here's how that contribution can make an impact.

$ 50

Covers the cost of supplies for a MarketPryce Florida connection

$ 100

Provides funding for a virtual visit with a Gainesville charity or business

$ 250

Allows for a member of MarketPryce Florida to host a one hour webinar with a Gainesville charity

$ 500

Creates a month-long webinar series with a Gainesville after-school learning program

$ 1,000

Sends a MarketPryce Florida group of your choice to a local hospital

$ 5,000+

Sends a team of MarketPryce Florida athletes to a local school


As a business, athlete, alumni, or fan, you can step up and influence change for good. Throughout our process, we work directly with student-athletes and local businesses to guide them every step of the way.


We educate UF student-athletes on how they can make a positive impact in Gainesville and help prepare them for their future after sports. The things they learn will be helpful for the rest of their lives.


We provide ways for student-athletes to engage with Gainesville by providing ways for them to get involved with their off-campus community. Both on and off the field of play, we want to help UF student-athletes be pivotal members of their community.


We connect Student-athletes with their community through work with gainesville charities and businesses, creating opportunities for them to get to know people outside of campus life.


As a business, athlete, alumni, or fan, you can step up and influence change for good.


Student-athletes participating

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Local community

Frequently asked questions

How do i sign up?

All it takes is an email! You can sign up and get involved as an alum, fan, charity, business, or student-athlete. Fill out this form and let's roll! Once you sign up, you'll get notified about campaigns and other ways to get involved to support Gator student-athletes.

Can my teammates sign up?

Absolutely! We're passionate about helping connect Gator student-athletes with the Gainesville community. Every Gator student-athlete is eligible to partner with us for a campaign. Send all your friends our way :)

Do I have to Sign up for each campaign?

You're in control. You get to sign up to the campaigns that interest you. When new campaigns are launched, we will email you the Gainesville charity or business we are partnering with, and then you have the option to opt-in to work with them. The first 25 student-athletes who opt-in will have the chance to participate in each partnership. 

What's the difference between MarketPryce Florida and MarketPryce?

MarketPryce Florida is a nonprofit entity making a positive impact in the Gainesville community by supporting the local community and helping Gator student-athletes get involved to make a difference. MarketPryce is a two-sided marketplace that empowers you to connect with national brands, close marketing deals and get paid, all within a few clicks.

Is this really free? What's the Catch?

No catch! It's really free for businesses and student-athletes. We rely on the support of generous donors to make these campaigns possible. We want every University of Florida student-athlete to be able to participate. We take no commission.